All About Us

HI! Thank you for visiting FISH CAULDRON

We are a husband and wife duo that REALLY love fish and all other animals, too! We currently have more than 15 fish tanks operating in our home. Yes, that's a lot of water changes. No, sadly they are not automated yet. We keep all kinds of fish from puffers, cichlids, live bearers, bettas, goldfish, exotics and even some other aquatic creatures like turtles and axolotls.

Being fish lovers ourselves, we wanted tees (and other accessories) that express what is important in our lives. Fish have actually become a large part of our identity and we like to share that with our individual style. Searching for fun fish tees seemed a bit difficult, so we decided to create our own. At Fish Cauldron we are adding new designs on a daily basis. Please keep an eye out for brand new products, as well. We have chosen quality tees and products that we ourselves would want to purchase and be comfortable wearing.